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Making: Window Webs

I absolutely love things that hang in windows and catch the light or cast a shadow. So I made a few webs to catch the dull English winter light.




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ReClAIMation in New York

Whenever I go home, I usually stay at my aunt’s and uncle’s house for a few days and as they live in Philadelphia, it’s not too far to get the train up to New York for the day. This time, I left a few webs around.


However, I felt very uncomfortable leaving webs. In contrast to London, where no one much cares what you do as long as it doesn’t directly affect them, the New York police took a very keen interest in my project. Whilst they didn’t say I couldn’t do it, I felt very uncomfortable. It was ironic that my freedom of speech felt more stiffled in America, where I am a citizen and where the freedom is so often defended, at least in speech.



In terms of more webs, there are definitely more to come, but I think I’ll stick to London for now. Perhaps, one day you can find me (with permission) in an exhibition. I’m working on it!


There is also a super secret, super exciting new project coming soon. Keep you posted.

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