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Open Doors: SW4 / How to get to Clapham Common (Healing)

This past weekend saw the 2nd exhibition for the Open Doors Project. This one was based around the SW4 postcode, which is the Clapham area. It was held in a lovely, lofty-type space at the Clapham North Arts Centre and was filled with the artist’s impressions of SW4 and very rapidly, with happy art viewers.


I got to show the first in my series of new work. This series is embroidered and based on maps, but it still retains the ambiquity and web-like quality of my previous work.


It’s based on a map of Clapham, Brixton, and Streatham where I used to live. I’ve embroidered the lines of every street I’ve been on in the area. It was done on dissolve-able fabric wherein I embroider directly on the plastic-y fabric and when I’m done, I dissolve it and only the string is left. It allows me to do a lot more intricate work than I can with crochet.


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