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New Accidental Paintings

I finally scanned the latest painting I did. It’s watercolor spread around acetate.

It’s kind of a controlled accident, where the accident controls me. It’s also affected by how the scanner chooses to scan things in. The individual paintings are just a part of the whole that the scanner decided it wanted to scan in individually.

I would make a lot less art if I was a competent human being.

I’ve rotated it a full 360 degrees because it looks completely different as you turn it.

This one looks kind of sinister.



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Knitting Geek Speak

I’ve been helping to teach new knitters at London’s Stitch and Bitch meetings, which has been really fun and rewarding and I’ve met new people. Surprisingly, through the process of teaching others I’ve learned so much and made a giant leap for mankind, I mean, my knitting.

To begin with, I’m a self-taught knitter from the internet and just kind of fiddling around until the finished piece looked right. This caused me to knit in a very, very idiosyncratic way. I didn’t know my way of knitting was so weird until I began to teach and watch how the other teachers knit.

So my way is that I hold the two needles below my hands, palms down, needles pass under my fingers towards my wrist. I let the working yarn drop with every stitch to pick it up again each stitch. Because of this, i have to pass the working needle to my left hand at each stitch.

I’ve figured out the more common way now! Hold the needles like pencils, wrap the yarn around your index finger (i use my left index finger) and zoom! It’s much faster and i don’t drop needles every 5 seconds. (Alex will be pleased)

I’m still getting the hang of it. It makes cables a little bit awkward to work, but I’m practising. A hat is on the way.

Also, to keep you posted. I’m starting to design a knitwear collection based on the Greek Vases at the British museum. I’ll post my sketches later.

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Sometimes it’s the Unexpected

I’ve made a bit of a breakthrough in an art project I’m working on. It came about kind of backwards.

When I mixed the colors for this picture…

I came out with this…

Unplanned, unexpected, but very aesthetically pleasing to my eye! Alex actually pointed it out to me and noted shapes he saw in the mess of color. I’ve shown it around and this reaction is so much fun! It’s like the inkblots that psychologists use. I’ve always liked when the finished piece is only the first step and gets a life of its own once I’m done with it.

Here is another example. I’m still working on capturing the idea.

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