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Making: Window Webs

I absolutely love things that hang in windows and catch the light or cast a shadow. So I made a few webs to catch the dull English winter light.




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From My Window: Finished!

So remember those pictures I took out my window and put on my short-lived Tumblr? and remember my fear of Photoshop? Well, I may have moved away from my window, but the photographs remain and better than ever as I’ve learned Photoshop! (No tears or swearing involved!)


So here’s the final score!

I have them all on Flickr which you can view here.


and I printed them off and put them up on my wall!


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A bit late…Craft Disaster

I had all these plans for  great update on my projects and took a bunch of photos in the lovely sunshine. Then I realized that I didn’t have a cord to the camera I was using and totally messed up my knitting projects at least once. I threw the one out the window into the tree. I cannot be the first and only knitter to do that.

Once, my mom, in an effort to fix her favourite coffee cup, glued herself to the cup, the handle, and the counter top. The cup and the handle were still separate and my dad had to come with the nail polish remover and save my mother from the glue.

I’ve also been following Regretsy, a forum for mistakes that don’t get thrown out the window into trees and a quick Google search supplies endless images of craft disasters.

So this week, I’m copping out and asking you! yes you! for your knitting or crafting horror stories. Please share.

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from my window

Almost everyday I take a picture of the terrace houses outside my window. I’ve started chronicling it on a tumblr blog. Almost everyday I update a new picture. Same subject, but different everyday. passage of time, weather, life.

Go here to chronicle it.


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