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Giant Cowl Pattern


Approximately 600 yards bulky weight yarn doubled up. I used Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton.
(Note this is an educated guess. I’d have extra on hand. Please e-mail me to tell me how much you used!)

US size 9 needles

Gauge is unimportant, but the resulting fabric should be fairly stiff. Choose yarn and needles based on how stiff you want the finished cowl to be.

You can add or subtract stitches or rows very easily to your desired width or length.


CO 85 Stitches

Part A

Row 1,3,4: Purl across
Row 2,5,6: Knit across
Row 7-8: Purl across
Row 9-10: Knit across
Row11-12: Purl across
Row 13: Knit across
Row 14-19: Purl across

Part B

Moss stitch for 4 inches ending on wrong side

Row 1-5: Purl across
6-7: Knit across
8-11: Purl across

moss stitch for 4 inches ending on wrong side

Optional: Switch Color

Repeat Part A

Finishing: Sew two sides together using tapestry needle and left over yarn, taking care to match pattern on both sides.

Tuck in ends.

Wear with pride!



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