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Life Love Gloves

I’ve finally got some picture of the non-web related projects from the past month or so. After a crazy summer of general insanity, dissertation, parental visit, and most recently, flat hunting, I think things are settling down enough to start updating regularly again! I have a lot of projects in the works with the webs, but here are the recent other projects, one of which you can see in the banner of this blog!

I needed a banner for the blog, my etsy shop (which hasn’t been updated in about 500 years), and the idea of artist business cards eventually (read: when I get my you-know-what in gear). Lovely Lenny helped me to photoshop the pictures into submission as I still haven’t learned to use it. (Thanks!)

Here is the only surviving picture of this one.

I redesigned it (although with complete disregard for what size it needs to be for the blog banner, which is why the current picture is a bit wonky.) and used my favorite wool- Jamieson and Smith Jumper weight, in specially chosen colours (as opposed to whatever I found in my stash).

The other project is these gloves that I’ve had in mind for a long time (especially since I lost my Endpaper Mitts in NYC). It has one of my favorite phrases written on the wrists, like those ubiquitous tattoos. Love All Always. And a pattern in red, yellow, and grey that I’m quite proud of. I meant it to be a checkered pattern, but messed it up when I was designing it and like it better than checks!


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