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#FF: I need a holiday.

Various situations have arisen and collided to create a desperate need to go away for a few days (or hopefully longer!). Obviously, while I’m daydreaming, here are some of the places I really, really want to see before I die.

The dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Source.


I need to go to Chicago. Birthplace of modernist architecture and home of a very good friend. Found.


Hong Kong. You might not even have to try too hard to talk me into that boat. Found.


The Pantheon in Rome- No I’ve not been to Rome yet. Yes, I’m crying while typing that. Found.


I cannot believe I’ve still not been to Paris. 3rd try lucky? Found.



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Things I like: Maps

This will probably not be the last post about maps. Along with the Underground, maps are one of my top obsessions. Here’s some of my latest favourites.

Rebecca Foster’s amazing maps. Apparently hers actually get her where she’s going too!

Map shade! from achica.com via Lizzie Pancakes

Karen O’Leary papercuts. So cool!

5000 walks, aligned

Eric Fischer data visualisation. This is 5000 walks all aligned.


Stephen Walter’s Map Of Subterranean London | Londonist


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