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Maps and/of Memory

I think anyone that lives in London develops a strong relationship to two maps: the A to Z and the iconic London Underground map. The A-Z gets crinkled, written on, places frequented are circled, phone numbers are written on pages and gradually this ubiquitous map becomes like a diary. It’s a visual memory of life, more like a date book or a calendar than a journal.

Imaged sourced from Tesco.com

For me, London is a place of very strong memories and experiences and my A-Z reflects this. I used to trace my route on it until it started to get impossible to use it for any other route. It is a visual chronicle of my time here. (It will be two years at the end of this month.)

Image sourced from http://www.ucl.ac.uk

I wanted to pursue this further and so I want to embroider these routes on a map. I want to trace where I’ve been, possibly colour-coded.

I know it’s more like an actual code. Like I said, it’s not a journal. The memories aren’t explicit, but they can be visualised. I plan on, after embroidering a map, on embroidering dissolvablefabric with the same pattern and dissolving the fabric, which will leave only the lines, an abstract pattern.


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As part of Alex and I’s New Year List, I decided to do (read: drag him into ) a project that I will chronicle on this very blog. I mean where else would I?

Today I walked from Angel to Oxford Circus. You should be able to see it on this Google map.

I didn’t have my camera, but next time I will. We (I) plan on walking the circumference of the London wall one sunny day towards spring.

AND then- I want to walk the A-Z!

We’re starting with the Square Mile or the City. It’s where a ton of Roman stuff.Ambitious- check! Crazy- check! Fun project to take pictures and learn about London for a history geek- CHECK CHECK CHECK

Keep you posted!

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