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A day in Cordoba

When we planned to go to Andalusia, I knew I desperately wanted to go to Cordoba, seat of Moorish power with its history and unrivalled architecture. It also evidently has the best Spanish omelette in the region, next to the Mezquita with a massive queue of locals.

Roman bridge in Cordoba landscape

Mills of the Guadalquivir

We spent a lot of time around the river, exploring the old mills. I was fascinated by the bridge seemingly newly refurbished, but built on Roman foundations.

Walking to the Mezquita, Cordoba

Ancient water wheel on the Guadalquivir, Cordoba

Wandering around this tiny, ancient town there are surprises everywhere. We saw remains of the large walls and massive gates, but like the other Andalusian towns, once you get off the tourist trail there is an amazing array of urban decay and tiny streets. The smallest street I’ve ever seen nearly caught a small SUV out, but with horrible squeaking of tires against the walls they managed to free themselves. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos off the beaten trail. I got the I’m tired, my camera is heavy, I want my own bed travelling cranky syndrome that day.


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