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#FF – Animal Fashion

Isn’t this the cutest? Miriam Brugmann on Etsy

Lovely bird necklace by MimiJewels on Etsy

Bunny! It looks so soft too! Pull lapin – Nouveautés – France


Perhaps the cutest of all! Miniature Needle Felted Pocket Barn Owl by alishaharms on Etsy


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Duct Tape Dress Form: Not Bondage I Swear

I’m sure many of you have seen the tutorials online on how to make a dress form out of various household materials and with varying levels of dedication to being covered in those materials. Well I sucked up my claustrophobia and bought a men’s t-shirt and some tape in the name of not spending 100 pounds on an industrial dress form.

In case you haven’t seen it, here are the tutorials that I’m referencing and, in fact, used to make my personalised dress form.

Sourced from Threads Magazine

My friend Lenny from the RunnyCustard blog, came over to help wrap me in duct tape, amid many, many innuendos and a bit of accidental groping. (What’s a bit of groping between friends?) At first, I tried using packing tape which proved to be much too thin and provided little structural support. We then laid a layer of duct tape over the packing tape (as per the instructions) which worked like a charm.


Photography by Lenny Carter


I then went to my local craft shop and bought some fabric to cover the form and viola! It looks and works like at least a 50 pound dress form!


Photography by me.


And an obligatory web dress shot!


Photography by me!


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The Web Dress Project: Beginning

My friend Lenny, who you mind remember from the last post, and I have been collaborating on a web-y project. Born from a lot of gin and tonics in July, a large web, fashion-related installation. It’s evolved into the web dress (name still in progress). I have some sketches that I’ll post when I get braver/ get a scanner/ learn to take good macro photos.



This dress will be worn by me in photographs exhibiting the following qualities: ambiguity, trapped, grounded, questioning, escape, comfort…. It’s exploring the question of whether you’re trapped by things that hold you down or whether you’re grounded and made safe by it. To which I would suggest reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being for a further and more eloquent exploration of this theme.

So far I have worked on the basic bodice of the dress and some loosely crocheted ‘shawls’ to drape, among other things, onto the bodice.

These elements will intertwine and be interchangeable to change the feeling of the finished photographs. Stay tuned!



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