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A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: Work by Lenny Carter

One of my really good friends, Lenny, is doing a degree in Digital Media and in her interpretation of the assignments, she intelligently combines ‘analogue’ media with the digital. She combines arts and crafts and wool and resin into fully formed beings (human or otherwise) that express strong emotions and strong insights into the human condition.


The combination of a huge personality into a small puppet and ameoba-like shapes give her works their own style. The puppets invite the viewer to make up a story about them or, indeed, already tell their own and are waiting for someone to solidify it.

Tribbles - half & half crochet for Ravelry

The stories can be implied, or in the case of Clara, very well-formed and psychological. Lenny uses the art of stop-motion to tell Clara’s story. Clara is a bit of a loner, teased by everyone around her and wrought with insecurities. Because of this, she makes her own world from which to escape.


Despite the obvious fantastical element, Lenny’s monsters and characters invite us to think about our own monsters and invite us to think about the sometimes very surreal world in which we all, humans, monsters and puppets, inhabit.

All images and photography done by Lenny Carter.



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Life Love Gloves

I’ve finally got some picture of the non-web related projects from the past month or so. After a crazy summer of general insanity, dissertation, parental visit, and most recently, flat hunting, I think things are settling down enough to start updating regularly again! I have a lot of projects in the works with the webs, but here are the recent other projects, one of which you can see in the banner of this blog!

I needed a banner for the blog, my etsy shop (which hasn’t been updated in about 500 years), and the idea of artist business cards eventually (read: when I get my you-know-what in gear). Lovely Lenny helped me to photoshop the pictures into submission as I still haven’t learned to use it. (Thanks!)

Here is the only surviving picture of this one.

I redesigned it (although with complete disregard for what size it needs to be for the blog banner, which is why the current picture is a bit wonky.) and used my favorite wool- Jamieson and Smith Jumper weight, in specially chosen colours (as opposed to whatever I found in my stash).

The other project is these gloves that I’ve had in mind for a long time (especially since I lost my Endpaper Mitts in NYC). It has one of my favorite phrases written on the wrists, like those ubiquitous tattoos. Love All Always. And a pattern in red, yellow, and grey that I’m quite proud of. I meant it to be a checkered pattern, but messed it up when I was designing it and like it better than checks!

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