Seville’s Alcazar

During our 5 days in Seville, we spent a very hot afternoon exploring the Royal Alcazar. Rivalling the more famous Alhambra in Granada, the preservation of the Moorish architecture, tiles, and gardens is (and I don’t use this word often) stunning.


At one time, it was part of the defensive structure protecting Seville. The walls are formed of huge stones that would dwarf everything around it except that the cathedral is just in front of it.


A rather unassuming entrance to the glamour found within the defensive walls.



The tiles are one of the defining features of the Alcazar and form the basis for some amazing (and tacky) souvenirs all over the city. The tiles and the water features also keep the rooms surprisingly cool.


I love that the plasterwork that is found within and without the palace looks like lace. It is so delicate.



The gold ceiling of the Hall of Ambassadors was my favourite room. The delicacy and richness of the gold and tile-work almost took my breath away.



There is room after room both interior and exterior and each one is a little different. Each one is covered in beautiful tiles and plasterwork, balanced by the ideals and mathematics of Islamic architecture with a hearty dose of the dramatic, at times.





There are also extensive gardens, but I was hot, hungry and tired so we only explored a little bit.



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