Spanish Holiday: Seville

After months of planning, agonising over hotels, Spanish train websites and navigating Gatwick Airport, we arrived in the first city on our mini tour of Andalusia – Seville. This is where I learned that when English doesn’t work, Italian sometimes does but it’s not very pretty. I am useless with Spanish.


This guy didn’t mind my poor Spanish skills.



While Seville is in Andalusia, an autonomous community in Spain, and is in a lot of ways, very Spanish, Andalusia has a very obvious Moorish and Arabic influence. The Alcazar was absolutely gorgeous.


The Giralda is the jewel in the eye of Seville and used to be a minaret on the Moorish city’s mosque.




The inside, however, is very much of the European tradition.


The Torre del Oro is another manifestation of the city’s Moorish past. It also houses a pretty cool Maritime Museum reflecting the great shipping tradition of Seville and lots of model ships.


I found the neighbourhood of Macarena the most interesting. indie shops, cool graffiti and a bit less touristy.


The juxtaposition of the new Parasols in the old quarter of Seville is really cool. There is this new, modern structure next to crumbling buildings and traditional architecture.




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