Photo 365: 1 photo a day

So of course I know about the 365 Photo project where you take a photo a day for an entire year. Typically, I am totally incapable of starting at the first of a year (I started in March) and also incapable of actually taking exactly a photo a day.

So what if I started in March?

Day 1

And so what if I take a photo in the same few hundred yards everyday (ever see my Window series?)

Day 2

And so what if I don’t actually take a photo everyday, but several in one day and maybe none the next?

Day 21

What’s important to me is that I’m taking more photos.

Day 20

And I’m taking part.



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One response to “Photo 365: 1 photo a day

  1. these are really good photos! the first one looks like a really old time picture of London – the pub roof is very interesting grid patterns and the last ime has a very good composition, again with grid lines and the light/dark areas!
    you have improved immensely!

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