Making: A New Dress

I have a bit of a head start on one of my new years goals. I’ve already started making a companion dress to the project I finished almost two years ago.


It’s still in the very early stages yet and I tend not to sketch out what the finished object will be until later when I’m working out the details and finishing. Anyway, here’s a preview of what I’ve finished so far.


I’m looking for it to be as ghost-like and ephemeral as the original dress. I like the web-related projects to be both seen and seen through, there and not there, delicate, and above all, subtle.

The hardest part, to me, is the finishing and displaying of the object. A painting, obviously needs a frame, but how do you display a dress that is meant to be seen from all sides?



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  1. Emily you did it again! I always love a good inspirational knit. This made my morning & I am so glad that you are making a second dress. I look forward to reading about the process.

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