Wanderlust Wednesday: Walking the Victoria Line

When I called my friend Lenny (over at RunnyCustard Photography) and I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with me, she asked me where to, obviously. I just said “We’ll see how it goes, see how far we get”. We walked from Brixton to Walthamstow, the entire Victoria Line. I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet.

We met at Brixton and by Stockwell (a tradition by now), the weather took a turn and we got caught in a rainstorm. Thankfully by the time we got to Vauxhall, it had stopped.

2012-06-24 13.23.55

The walk from Brixton to Vauxhall to Victoria  and on to Kings Cross was fairly easy. I was feeling energetic and Lenny wasn’t tired yet, so on we walked. To Highbury and Islington (a surprisingly long way from Kings Cross) and through my old neighbourhood to Finsbury Park. We stopped to refuel (cider and a JD and diet coke, if I remember correctly) and kept walking on to Seven Sisters. It was at this point that we simultaneously walked near a reservoir in a really gorgeous summer evening and totally hit the wall.

2012-06-24 19.46.29

This is the reason why, if you’re going to go for a long walk, you should start out in the new place if you are ending in a place that you’re familiar with. I guarantee that if you get to the new place at the end of a walk, you will not care how pretty it is or that there are cute little baby geese. You’ll just have ‘Blackhorse Road’ repeating in your head like a mantra and the dread in your heart that you’ve still got to walk to Walthamstow Central after that.

Finally, we made it.

2012-06-24 20.33.19



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2 responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Walking the Victoria Line

  1. I agree that you should start from the less known point as we really didn’t care about the lovely greenery in Walthamstow by the time we got there – well my blistered toes (wrong shoes) really didn’t care at all 😦

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