New Year’s Resolutions 2013

The basic theme of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try to new things and to take more advantage of how lucky I am. I’m really lucky to get to live in London, go to lots of interesting places, and do lots of interesting things. I’m also lucky to be able to have the resources and to be okay at doing certain things and to be in the position to try them out.

      1. Take more photos and share them.
      2. Write 2 pages a day in my notebook, write a story.
      3. Seize the day – early to bed early to rise, be active and go places!
      4. Make new dress
      5. Read 10 new books
      6. Get serious about the blog. Give it a go, see what happens.
      7. Visit home- it’s been too long!


1. I love photography. I should do what I love more often. My mom let me borrow her old film camera and I want to experiment more and generally document the life. I know I’ll love to look back on it.

2. I want to try to write stories (funny or fiction) and I think if I have material to work with, then this will be easier to do. Also, it’s quite nice to get my thoughts down manually, on something physical. Writing things down gets my thoughts in order and I feel so productive when I gradually fill up a notebook.

I’ve already been trying this one out and a nice side effect is that my handwriting is getting better! When was the last time you hand-wrote something?


3. Remember this dress I made? I want to make it a buddy, make it into a diptych. Actually, I want to make loads of things, but this is a starting point, a clear goal.

4. It feels like such a waste of a weekend if I get up until 11 and miss out on half the day. It’s also nice to get up and not have to rush around to work. I’m in control of my day, not some unrealistic desire to sleep for 12 hours in a row and still have a normal amount of day left. It’s then important to do something with my day, and I want to travel within and without my city.


5. Read 10 new books. I love reading and I have a 45 minute commute each way to work. It’s a good chance to read and even when my commute changes I want to continue to read just as much. It’s good for you

6. My final resolution is to get serious about this blog that I’ve had for four years. Four years is a very long time and I’ve only written a very, very sad number of posts. I’ve always kind of envied other blogs that are so amazing and cool-looking and generally entertain me while at the same time making me feel like getting off my butt, stopping reading the internet and going and doing something in the real world for myself.

7. I’m an American living in London desperately missing decent hash browns and diner coffee.  I’ve not been home for over a year and a half and it’s time to have a reunion!


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