Painting without Paint: Exhibition

Back in February, I had the honor of being included in ArtSmacked’s first exhibition, entitled Painting without Paint. It attempted to answer the question of what actually is painting.

On a personal level, it was absolutely amazing to see my map on a gallery wall and it was lovely to hear the reactions to it. I loved watching people realise that it was London and then try to find landmarks on my abstracted embroidery. It has the juxtaposition of being an agreeable  piece to look at and also the fun reaction that maps provoke- the geography of community and memory.

Overall, the show’s concept was effectively explored throughout. Shying away from traditional paint on canvas, for the most part, and concentrating on an international array of artists working in a wide variety of media. It ranged from balloons, to textiles, to glass and sound. The works generally stuck to the traditional idea of a canvas but explored the ideas that pigment on canvas usually explore such as color and texture.

How to get to Clapham Common (healing). Photo by Lenny Carter.

ArtSmacked is an online magazine and curation service run by a super talented art historian. Definitely one to check out.


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