This Thursday, Thursday, Thursday for Ten Days Only

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I’ve found out about, applied, and was accepted(thank you!) to a group show of small works at a new gallery on Vyner Street. Vyner street is a metaphorical gauntlet of galleries ranging from the very established (Wilkinson) to up-and-coming like (just don’t do an internship there in winter), to the brand spanking new like Cultivate.

According to their webpage (what else), Cultivate is an artist’s space as of 1 September, 2011 and according to Sean, one of the organisers, it opened to the public in a mad 22 hour rush. He seemed a lot less traumatized about it than I would have been, and seemed to rather enjoy it! And why wouldn’t he? It’s a new (ad)venture set up to be an artist’s run alternative to the London art’s scene. It’s DIY (everyone loves that) and very personable so far. Running for 6 months (or longer if possible), Cultivate is just finishing their first show, called Red, which opened with what seemed like a fun, rambunctious, birthing ceremony.

Their next show is called Little Benefits, showing small, affordable pieces to the benefit of all those involved. The entrance fee is a very reasonable 10 pounds, the artist gets their work shown (for sale) on Vyner street, and it helps to fund the gallery in their burgeoning months.

I’m of course new to the art scene and has had a very positive experience with those I’ve worked with so far and as I’ve just started, I welcome any opportunity I can get. This is also a second opportunity to see my work done for the Open Doors London: W12 exhibition that ran for the weekend of September 25th.

It’s also started turning the wheels in my curious brain about the role of the internet and information in my art and in my practice. During my library degree, we talked a lot about how the internet and the interactivity of the internet is changing information practice. I also hear all the time about how people did such and such using Twitter or how so and so built their career using Facebook. Maybe I’ll be the next success story.


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