More ReCLAIMation

I’ve been super busy since the last post. Sorting my life out, finishing uni (again), and of course, leaving more webs around. Typically, when I have time the weather is crappy, so the project has been a bit haphazard, while I wait for a pretty day.

Here is another explanation of the project:

Graffiti is rather like marking your territory. It’s leaving a mark for others to find and identify with or against. But for the maker and the finder, it’s a bit like a conversation. For me, it’s identifying myself and claiming my existence in a city that can seem very cold and one in which I rarely feel like I belong. It’s about becoming a Londoner rather than staying a foreigner. As the webs are almost transparent, they can be seen through, but can only be seen, if you’re looking, if you’re aware of your surroundings. They can be focused in and out of the line of vision. Seen and not seen. There and not there. They can be a mark on a landscape or invisible. And I hope for the finder, they feel less alone and find a little bit of joy in the concrete jungle. And maybe they will think a little of the maker. Serendipity.

New Project!!

I also tried to make a time-lapse movie. I’m working on making a better version once i stop being intimidated by the software.


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