The scary part about design:

is pretty much everything!

I’m mostly concerned that I can’t see what’s wrong with a design. It’s that particular situation when you finish something and think it’s worthy of a Nobel prize and then you look at it a few hours later and want to burn it!

This corresponds to both graphic design and knit design. I’ve ordered some knitting design books, so I hope that will help. Apparently Elizabeth Zimmerman is a wool goddess! I’m very excited and they should arrive tomorrow. (I’ll keep you posted lovely people!)

Graphic design is my worst nightmare come true. I’m pretty terrible at design, and have a hard time recognizing ‘perfect’ design from a work in progress in the most talented of crafters See Mummysam who despite her hair-pulling frustration with this piece, is an incredible designer and a bit of an inspiration since Life on the Double Point pointed (ahem) her out to me a few months ago.

I’ve also had endless frustration designing banners for blogs, my website, and Etsy, which came to a head when another shop not-entirely-kindly pointed out that my banner and theirs were ‘the same’, it doesn’t help that they use the name handmadehandsome! (I think it’s actually a rather funny coincidence, especially considering they knit too and was planning on changing my shop name to reflect the name of the knit design business that I want to start.)

It’s another incredibly frustrating side-affect of choosing not to study art in university. (I fear this decision will haunt me forever.)

Where do you start with design? What are some good pointers? any recommended reading for design-idiots like me?



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3 responses to “The scary part about design:

  1. Hello. I just randomly landed on your page. Since you ended your post with some questions, I thought I would throw out a few comments.

    First, don’t apologize for not studying art in university. You can study it to whatever degree you like on your own, if you are so inclined.

    Design is part fun and part work. Unfortunately the work part is larger than the fun part (ok, it depends on your temperament, I’m sure there are lots of designers for who it is all fun. That’s not me.)

    But, given that you say “Graphic design is my worst nightmare come true”, maybe you would rather do as little of it as possible, and focus on your knitting.

    Just to get you thinking, suppose your blog header was a photo of an actual piece you knitted… like a scarf maybe, with the name of your blog as part of the knitted design? Or maybe each letter is a separate knitted piece? Whatever would better reflect what you do. It might convey that wonderful, organic, tactile aspect of knitting more so than just a standard font. If that’s not practical (I have no idea, I don’t knit), perhaps a hand-drawn banner, in your own hand, would be another good way to introduce a more organic hand-made feel to the design. I think “perfect” graphic design does not need to be your goal here. You are not looking for work as a graphic designer, you want to knit, right? I think making your knitting part of the design could be really cool!

    If you want to involve yourself more deeply with aspects of graphic design, the web is full of tutorials. Many of them are free. Some of the best tutorials I have seen are at (a pay site). Most of these tutorials focus on using the tools (software and hardware) efficiently. Sites like have links and articles and advice on all aspects of graphic design. In fact, there is so much advice and material out there it can be over-whelming, but if you stay focused on what you need to know right now, and take things one piece at a time and not get lost in all the endless possibilities all at once, you can find answers to almost everything you need to know.

    For anyone perusing a creative life , The Artist’s Way can be a useful read, (especially you you have some insecurities about what you are doing, or are feeling “blocked” for whatever reason).

    Anyway, keep knitting!

    • millymadesome

      Thank you so much for the advice! I love the idea of a knitted banner!

      Thank you also for the resources. The web is so big, it’s hard to know where to start.

      P.s. Checked out your blog it’s so sweet! Love the comic!

  2. Hey, no problem! And thanks for the feedback on birdbee. All the best!

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