So it’s nearly Christmas. I’m off to buy Mulled Wine Spice for Alex’s mom for Christmas dinner. (Mulled wine is warm red wine with spices and it makes you cough a lot, but we all love it for some reason)

It’s also book buying season. You know what I mean. Everyone has that one person that you just buy a book for. What does my 3rd cousin on my dad’s aunt’s side want? a book. what does my uncle want who hurridly buys everything he wants 3 weeks before Christmas want? a book.

But I don’t really care what they want. What about knitting books? I own a total of two.

Knitting America- very cool old pictures, old patterns, some interesting although rather superficial history.


Rowan # 46. Incredible photography and technically a catalog and not a book.

Maybe I’ve been in school far too long, but I’m really interested in the history of knitting and who knitted in history and the fibers etc.

Once I’m done with school, maybe I’ll have more time to explore knitting books!

Anyway. off to shower and buy mulled wine spice


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